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About Me

Hi! I’m Mariana Lacombe.

My mission is to enable the evolution process of individuals, who feel the shift that is happening on Earth. The evolution happens through an alignment between body, mind and spirit.

I started my career when I was very young because I always believed that there are no excuses to succeed. And I believe that effective leadership is what transforms the world.

Since my childhood, I have wondered what makes people behave in certain ways and which behaviors influence them to become successful. My curiosity led me to seek answers.

While getting my BS in Psychology, I was already working in an IT company as the HR Manager. Even though I liked that position, I decided to open my own business. At that time, in my yearly 20's, I thought it was a great idea. However, the fashion industry was not my thing. So I decided to sell my company and come back to the corporate world.

When I was 25, I was already managing more than 1,000 people working for a company that was a result of a Joint Venture with the big Indian Tata Consultancy Services. As a result of that, I become the Chief Officer of Human Resources of a multi-million dollar company with more than 3,000 employees before age 30!

My passion to work with leaders and entrepreneurs took over my life and I decided to go beyond my corporate career because I felt I hit an invisible ceiling. So I QUIT!

I quit my very successful corporate career and decided to embrace this side of my life: the COACHING side! I developed my professional practice as a Master Coach and Business Strategist with the mission to enhance, empower and promote individuals with the potential to become unbeatable, high impact leaders.

Inspiring people to follow their path of true happiness, abundance and freedom is my passion!

In a couple of years, I collected more than 10 different coaching certifications with different approaches, including all certification programs from Tony Robbins, David Rock, Tim Gallwey, Brene Brown, and much much more. Seriously... I believe I am my most important asset because as I invest in myself, I have more to share and to give to those who need me. 

It's been a fantastic journey! Today, I coach people in all continents.

what I found out during my journey is that companies are a powerful vehicle to accelerate the evolution process because they impact not only their founders and employees but also customers, the community, the society and ultimately planet Earth.

It is clear that many companies have been taking a stand in important values that were forgotten or neglected. Human rights, sustainability, love and care, education, and respect are some of the values that companies are now fighting for.

Those people who create these companies and make the decisions to align business operations to human values are what I call the evolutionary leaders. They're not only concerned about creating a successful business, but also - and most importantly - being committed to creating a better world for the next generation.

They're committed to the values more than the profits. And they know with absolute certainty that money is a consequence of doing the right thing.

Evolutionary leaders need help more than ever. While they have business ideas or companies that are already created, they're also transforming themselves as human beings, tapping into a power that is yet to be discovered, and feeling the transformation on every single cell of their bodies.

Their mind is changing, as they notice that the conscious mind is limited and that the subconscious and unconscious mind play a fundamental role in who they are, what they do, and who they will become.

They discover that life without spirituality is empty and meaningless. They feel that without spirituality being a critical component in their lives, there will always be a feeling of something important missing. As many people described to me, it feels like dying on the inside.

Life without spirituality is egocentric, which means to be focused on self. Once we all realize and acknowledge that in fact we're one, we feel truly alive again.

The triad of the body, mind and spirit is the key to true abundance, happiness and freedom.

The triad is the starting point of a meaningful and fulfilling growth process for individuals and for companies.

Once the alignment between body, mind, and spirit is in place, true magic happens.

And life feels like a true gift. A dance. A dream. A blessing.