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Three Keys to Starting a Successful Coaching Relationship

For both the new and seasoned coach, bringing on a new client is an exciting experience. It’s a fresh start—a new opportunity to impact lives and incite real change. While exciting, there is also a level of unfamiliarity that comes with working with a new client. Both parties are trying to get a good feel for the other and determine whether this is a working relationship that can be sustained over time.

In setting yourself up for success, there are three keys to starting a successful coaching relationship.


The first key is to set the expectations of accountability. We all know that accountability is so important in coaching, not just for the client, but also the coach. The client needs to understand that part of your role is to ensure that they follow through with the actions they resolve to take. Make this crystal clear from the beginning. Do not be shy about your ability and responsibility to call them out when they have not delivered on their...

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