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Why Should You Be a Coach?

Of all the professions to choose from, you’ve decided that you want to be a coach. Congratulations! You’re about to journey down an exciting path toward one of the most rewarding careers in existence. However, before you get started, it might be worthwhile to examine your true reasons for wanting to pursue a coaching career. Why? Because your authenticity is the first element to your success as a coach. Before committing your time and effort, you want to be sure that your interests and motivations align with the true nature of the profession. Here are four traits that every successful and authentic coach has in common.


If you’re an expert in a specific area or concentration, you may make a great coach in that field. Perhaps you’re a business professional who has reached the pinnacle of your career. The work that once excited and motivated you may now be a source of boredom and dread. You need a new focus — one where you can share your knowledge and experience with others who are eager to learn. Coaching is a great way to achieve this newfound sense of accomplishment.

However, business coaching is not the only game in town. If you have a personal training or health background, consider becoming a health coach. Those who have experience with interpersonal relationships could opt to specialize in working with couples or teams. Maybe you consider yourself more of a generalist and prefer to work with clients who simply want to reach a level of peak performance in several or all areas of their lives.


If you want to be a coach, you should ideally have a passion for working with and mentoring others. You’re also a motivated individual who is constantly looking toward the next milestone to reach or the next goal to achieve. You have a fire within you that pushes you forward and a no-quit attitude. Optimism is the name of your game. You’d much rather lift someone up than tear them down. You see the potential in everyone and are eager to assist where possible. If you have a passion for people, achievement, and progress, then coaching may be the right fit for you.


Maybe you once had a great mentor, partner, or colleague who helped shape you. They saw your potential when you saw nothing but negativity. They guided you and offered support. They were a trusted friend and important figure in your life. Perhaps this person was even a coach of yours. Having had this source of light and motivation in your life has potentially inspired you to choose a similar path. If you have a desire to give back and help others in the same way that you once needed that help, coaching may be a great means to display that sense of leadership.


While it’s true that you want to help others, you also want and need to help yourself. You want to create a life that is based on your own terms. You want to be available to the needs of your family at any time, day or night. You want to have the flexibility to work and play when you want and need. You want to be able to provide a healthy income for your family. You also have an entrepreneurial spirit and are excited by the prospect of being in the driver’s seat to your own success. You have a strong desire to spread your wings and see how far you can fly. You want to thrive, not just survive.

All the reasons listed above are critical components of why you should be a coach. Yet perhaps the most important reason why you should be a coach is because you simply cannot envision doing anything else.

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