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Are Your Actions Results-Driven?

In today’s world, being constantly in action and multi-tasking is the new normal. People are relentlessly running from one task or meeting to the next, many times sacrificing rest and relaxation in the process. Entrepreneurs and business professionals are certainly no exception. Though you may be spending a significant amount of time and brain power completing tasks and focusing on your business, how are you really spending your time? Specifically, are your efforts efficient with your time and producing the results you desire?

It’s no secret that entrepreneurs are master jugglers. It’s a constant act to keep multiple balls moving smoothly and rhythmically through the air, while at the same time keeping a watchful eye to avoid letting one fall to the ground. But it’s not just a matter of staying organized. There’s also the rapid fire pace to consider. You’re frequently called to solve a crisis or deal with urgent matters at hand. While completely necessary, it forces you to neglect the more strategic, long-term planning and actions that need to be considered to really move your business forward.

Sometimes it’s not even a matter of the hectic pace of our lives. In fact, it may be that procrastination is at the heart of the issue. Putting off the tasks that are most important to our success delays the opportunity for us to be criticized or to fail. While sometimes we knowingly procrastinate to avoid this fear or discomfort, it may even be a subconscious response to busy ourselves — an indication that this avoidance is so deeply ingrained in our minds that it has become a natural habit.

Whether your activity is self-induced or simply a result of your current position in business, what can you do to break free? First, you must commit to your priorities. Examine the critical tasks that are essential to moving your business forward. Follow the 80/20 rule. Ask yourself, “What 20% of my actions will give me 80% of my results?” Once you determine which actions will produce the greatest results, schedule time to complete those actions. Mark the time on your calendar and treat it like a client appointment. Do not treat this time as something that can be easily rescheduled or canceled in the event that something more pressing arises. Follow through with the tasks at hand and do not move on until those tasks are complete.

If your workload isn’t currently producing results, examine what you are doing. Are you doing things that are critical to your success or are you simply filling your time with distractions? Determine what key actions you can take to generate the bulk of your potential results and commit to following through with those priorities. And of course, don’t forget to celebrate your victories along the way. Overnight success is a myth, but by taking these small but important steps, you can begin to create a new normal that includes real action and less distraction.

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