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5 Reasons Why Every Coach Must Have a Coach

One might assume that a coach would have all the answers — that a person who coaches others to a level of peak performance has it all figured out. However, coaches are not perfect. We’re human beings who operate exactly like our clients. We have fears, insecurities, stories, and limiting beliefs. Consider professional athletes. Though they are at the top of their game and may be the best in the world at their sport, they continue to rely on a coach to guide and advise them.

Truthfully, as coaches, we benefit from coaching just like everyone else. In fact, we know the value of coaching even more so because we have experienced first-hand what it is like to transform people’s lives. We know what is possible through working with a coach and just like our clients, we too want to get to that next level as a result of such a partnership.

The bottom line is that if you’re a coach, you absolutely must have a coach of your own. Here’s why:


Everyone needs a second set of eyes to see the global picture and give objective feedback. This person, your coach, will make sure that you are constantly improving. If something is not working, your coach can step in and tell you before your path becomes too detrimental. Your coach will then partner with you to create a shift in your direction and momentum.


Like everyone else, coaches get busy and sometimes overwhelmed. When this occurs, it’s easy to let old patterns and limiting beliefs creep in. A coach is instrumental in recognizing these patterns and thoughts. Your coach will also hold you accountable to breaking free from these restraints and keep you committed to the goals you’ve set.


We all want to achieve more in our lives. Coaches are no different. Like your clients, you also have goals and a vision for yourself. A coach will help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Sure, you are capable of growth on your own, but you truly know the difference a coach can make. The growth can be truly exponential! You don’t want to let that opportunity escape you.


You can only give to people what you have for yourself. Being in absolute alignment in your life will give you a lot of power when enrolling new clients and also delivering results. By working with a coach of your own, you’re not only talking the talk, but you’re walking the walk. You’re a leader, so lead by example!


The ultimate goal of progressing to that next level and achieving your goals is fulfillment. This can mean a lot of things to different people. Whatever fulfillment truly means to you, a coach will help you overcome challenges in all areas of your life efficiently and effectively. This will have you feeling fulfilled much sooner than if you had flown solo.
You know the power of coaching. You’ve seen the incredible impact it can have in the lives of your own clients. If you are not currently working with a coach, now is the time to take action. Find a coach who appeals to you and get started today.

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